Cold out; warm within

Recent exposure to an all-time high temperature of 79° Fahrenheit during December in Danville, VA in 2022, making flowers bloom in mid-winter inspired some of us to do a little bit more to conserve energy.  At the same time, we read that Aaron Lansky set the thermostat at his office (a book warehouse where he and his staff worked during the day) at 60 ° F in winter. 

Wondering if one could stand to work in the cold minus the inspiring literary surroundings, I found a trick for keeping warm indoors: wearing a satin cap (available at grocery and drug stores) designed to preserve your hairstyle overnight.  The cap is light and extremely comfortable, and it DOES keep the body warm.  So warm, in fact, that the thermostat can be dropped by several degrees, with the wearer remaining toasty warm, and even getting too hot!

The satin cap is warm partly because it traps body heat in a bubble all around the head.  If the aesthetics don’t appeal to you, try it at night.  And if you succeed in saving the planet and a little cash, please do send a pic!  :^)

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  1. Lol what an interesting method. We used to wrap caps like those around our customers’ heads during my time as a hairdresser. Will definitely keep this in mind the next time I visit a cold country. I wish we had the seasons here in Malaysia!

    1. Yes! It is a good deal more comfortable (I’m guessing) than those nightcaps people wore in Charles Dickens’s day. Seaons provide variety and perhaps remind us we are part of nature if we were inclined to forget….Malaysia must be very beautiful.

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