Summer savings strategy 1

With the hike in gas prices, we are all scrounging to save where possible.  A trick to try if you’re in a bikeable locale and haven’t already: deliver your own groceries by bike. 

You will need:

  •                 A bike
  •                 A helmet
  •                 A bike lock
  •                 A backpack for the groceries
  •                 Visible clothing and/or lights

Bicycles travel about 15 mph on  average, so you’ll be 5 times faster than you would be on foot.

There is no impact on the planet’s temperature, and you pay nothing for gas.

Your heart-rate rises as you pedal; your senses are on the alert; your body has powers you had forgotten.

Gliding on your wheels as the breeze caresses the hairs on your arms, you pass through shapes and colors. Flowers seem to stretch their petals towards you. Tree branches offer the occasional love thwack.

100% bliss, and highly recommended, (especially if you are careful to avoid a run in with a car door)!

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  1. Our family loves biking—so this is all great advice for us!! 🙂

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